Embracing the Season You’re In

First off y’all, I think we’ve already established that autumn is our favorite season around here, but here are a few reminders why:

Credit: My friend Matt Altwegg

Credit: My friend Matt

OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems :), I had a little message on my heart to share today. It is this:

Embrace the season you’re in.

When I was first married, I remember praying this prayer to God ~ certainly Holy Spirit inspired:

Lord, help me to enjoy every season we’re in, fully, without wishing for the next one.

Each season has things worth celebrating! The season when we lived on a 300-acre ranch, with nary 600 sq. feet for this newlywed to “nest” in ~ with no neighbors, a mile-long bumpy dirty road, and wide-open spaces…

I could’ve complained. But I would’ve missed the incredible fun & blessings of that season!

I wanted contentment. I didn’t want to look back on that season & think, “You know, those were the days, with some of my favorite memories!!” Dodging cow patties on the way to the car, learning to shoot skeet for the first time, repairing fence line to protect the precious figs from drought-hungry cattle, watering our little garden for hours while talking on the phone to people back home or singing worship songs, dancing with my husband in the kitchen & watching the sunset from our roof…

Those memories are precious to me. Memories of homesteading on the range. And they would’ve never happened had we not lived on a 300-acre ranch in the middle of nowhere :) If we’d skipped straight to suburbia (where we are now), we’d have missed it. And I’m SO thankful we didn’t. I’m so grateful He gave us that time to just be together, with us & his parents & the wild outdoors. He was laying a cool foundation that I couldn’t have known at the time.

He was writing our story. And He still is.

I remember thinking one spring day, as I was riding the loooong, wild stretch of land we called “road” & thanking God for my new husband of 3-4 months:

Lord, this is such an adventure!! Thank You for such a surprising blessing far beyond what I ever imagined!

SO many times that first year of marriage, I pinched myself with excitement that I WAS MARRIED. It actually happened, TO ME. The words to that ridiculous 90’s song kept tumbling out of my mouth during that time (& still do):

“Finally it’s happened to me
right in front of my face
and I just cannot hide it….”

Over & over again, as I swept dusty ranch house floors & cleared away dozens of daddy-long legs that infiltrated our teensy home during the blazing-hot summer, I rejoiced (& not just because of my husband). God was changing my perspective & giving me a brand-new life, with brand-new people, in a brand-new place that I never would’ve dreamed of.

I want it to always be that way in my life. Don’t you? Yet lately I’ve found myself LESS content with MUCH more. God’s reminding me of my newlywed prayer today:

Father, may I ENJOY each season You’ve given me – each one You’ve given Brian & I together, for however long that is! May we never forget Your blessings & Your presence, even in the challenges of daily life.

I’ve lived enough of my life in anticipation of the next season. I don’t want to miss the here & now anymore because I’m 10 steps ahead in my mind (& my planner, because Lord knows I love mine!!).

Plan for the future, live for today. Celebrate the season you & I are in right now. God has blessings in store for each one of them, but we have to keep our eyes open or we could miss them.

With that said, I’ll leave you with this, terrible 90’s dancing & all :)


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Credit: CC EllenM1

You’ll Be Called Restorers

Credit: CC EllenM1

Credit: CC EllenM1

“You’ll be like a well-watered garden,
a gurgling spring that never runs dry.
You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew,
rebuild the foundations from out of your past.
You’ll be known as those who can fix anything,
restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate,
make the community livable again.”
~Isaiah 58:12 (MSG)
Eternal Life!!

And This is Eternal Life …

Many people ask,

How can I gain true life? What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

Jesus Himself gave us the answer. As a believer (& follower) of Him, I LOVE this scripture & wanted to share with y’all today because it is the most fundamental & important truth of our faith.

Eternal Life!!


Hooray for Autumn!

OK, so a tiny confession…

Although I’m named Summer, I have to admit it’s not quite my favorite season! I know, I know, it’s not right, but I can’t help myself… autumn wins :)

Every October, I get giddy at the thought of pumpkin muffins, boots, crisp fall days, football games (yes, the excitement of competition!), leaves changing colors, & the holidays approaching. Autumn is such a romantic time of year ~ one replete with many fun memories & one where you can easily make more.

About this time last year, my husband whisked me away to one of our favorite married adventures thus far: Seeing the leaves turn in the Arkansas mountains. It was magical, to say the least.

This year as I reflect on all God’s done since then, I’m so thankful for His presence in our lives & how He’s blessed us (in the good & in the challenges), and I’m eagerly anticipating what this autumn may bring…


A month of promise. Of harvest. Of reaping what we’ve sown.

A month of God’s glory, written across creation in vivid color.

A month of newness, like the Jewish New Year! Of school schedules ramping up & sports well underway. Of making new friends & creating new things :)

A month of excitement & anticipation. A time of transition, the changing of the guard from one season to another… sometimes bittersweet, but always with beauty on the other side.

It’s a time to take risks, venture into new territory, & start something new… a time to explore, open up to new possibilities, and walk through new doors.

It’s also a time for romance ~ sparked not only by cooler days & nights but also in the Lord’s unique way of wooing us in this changing season.

I love October & all it brings. Maybe it’s the rush in the air – the anticipation of opportunity just beyond the horizon – that so captures our hearts this time of year!

So autumn, from one season to another I say: Welcome! I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring this year :) 

And to you Reader, I say, Let’s begin anew this October. Let’s dive into the new season full-force & allow God to turn over a new leaf in our lives. 

You first. Shall we?

p.s. *This is about how I’m feeling today…* {photo below}