We interrupt this series to talk about… our baby girl, who could be arriving any day now! I wanted to document this moment in time, as I love to do, through writing.

This is such a special pause in between two seasons — going from “baby free” to having a mini me! I imagine this must be a big adjustment and one we’ve been preparing our entire lives for… yet NOTHING can adequately prepare us for the life change we’re about to experience. Nothing & no one. (more…)

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I hope you’re enjoying this series so far. It may seem boring — or like basic Christianity — but that’s why I like it 🙂 Simple faith is God’s favorite kind.

One key to walking in freedom is praying the Lord’s Prayer. Why? Because it helps us focus on the Creator as our solution (instead of our problem) and invites Him into each situation. That’s why we’re studying this powerful passage in the Bible.

Jesus encouraged us to pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. (more…)

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Holy. Hallowed. Sacred.

These words conjure up images of neatly-praying hands, bowed heads, hushed words, & cathedrals. Yet most of us wonder, What does ‘holy’ really mean?

Being in the second line of the Lord’s Prayer signifies its importance, but we can’t give it proper respect when we don’t understand its meaning. Before delving in, though, let’s take a quick look at Jesus’s famous prayer: (more…)

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A Dad. Do you believe you have one? Or do you live life as an orphan — as in “if it’s to be it’s up to me”?

Sure, there’s the man who gave you life on earth (which is wonderful), but do you & I also realize we have a Dad who walks with us every day? Who is perfect, knows & sees ALL, & is accessible to us 24/7?

How would our lives be different if we lived in this reality, that we have a Heavenly Father seeking our best continuously (more…)


Over the next month or two, we’re going to study the Lord’s Prayer. I want to take it line-by-line and dissect its meaning for us today. I believe the Lord is saying,

This is the key to your freedom! Living in light of this daily prayer is what will unlock your life from bondage. 

Let’s go on this journey together! I hope you’ll join me as we learn each verse of this famous passage… (more…)

Virtual reality!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Everywhere you look & read in the USA these days, someone is crying out ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, ‘sexist’ and the like. The powers that be want us to be divided along class lines, gender lines, racial & ethnic & religious lines… pretty much any line they can conceive.

Do you know what all of these “dividing lines” have in common? They play on our insecurities.  (more…)

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To simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

– Hans Hofmann

In the last year, a lot has changed for us. It’s like the Lord swept our slates clean of the dirty, the useless, & the heavy because He has new intentions for 2016 (& beyond). Wherever He’s taking us, we must need a light load to get there.

For us, 2015 was a year of dying in a lot of ways… and then {beginning} to come to life again… in a surprising new way. But this process would’ve been impeded in our lives had we clung to what He was trying to take away.

Some things He prompted us to say “No more” to were: (more…)

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