My Favorite Posts

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite writings from the past 7 years. Enjoy! And please let me know — Which post is your favorite (and why)?

Living Free

First Fruits
The Best Revenge
3 Ways to Be Unhappy
Enough For Everyone


Beauty Does.
Miss Hepburn’s Wisdom

Marriage + Family

Helping Your Spouse Realize Their Potential
The Prayer that Changed Our Marriage

Have I Forgotten My Ministry as a Wife?
Our Autumn Vision Retreat!

Sex + Dating

Expecting Prince Charming

Faith + Wholeness

“You Do Not Have Because…”
Perfect You?

God Said It? Then He Will Do It!
ASK: My Word for 2013
The Human Condition (3-Part Series)
To Seek & Save What was Lost
Healing Prayer *


Growing Bamboo Roots

My Story

Your Redemption is Near [my testimony]
Our Dream is Coming True!

Our Perfectly Imperfect 2014 ♥
Leading to Love or Be Loved?
Love’s Priceless Opportunity
Traces of the World

Photo credit: Creative Commons, TacoEkkel