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Bring Your Gift to the Altar

Bring your gift to the altar, & see how I use it.

Watch and be amazed. I will do things through you you never dreamed. Just open your hands & give it to Me. {Ephesians 3}

An ALLtar is the place you give your all. In totality. {Exodus 20} It’s surrender, and just like your devo this week — surrender isn’t the scary word the world’s conjured it up to be. Surrender to the right Being, your Father, is always in your best interest… for I will never harm you. {Matthew 7I don’t prune away something in your life without bringing more fruit. {John 15}

I gifted you to give to others. {1 Corinthians 12} I don’t remove My gifts in you; I multiply them. {Matthew 14So lay them down in My hands & watch them fly — higher than you ever could’ve sent them!

I want to move through you to bless others, but I can’t when you have an agenda tied to your gift-giving. Lay down agendas. Lay down desire for promotion or attention & fame. Glory belongs to Me alone, for you cannot handle it {as you well know}. {Romans 11}

Lift up your gift. Lift up your heart to Me. I will use you, and I will keep you in perfect peace, for you are Mine ♥ {Isaiah 26}


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