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What Is Your Gift?

God made each of us to reflect Him in some unique way. He designed you & I to be a representation of some aspect of Him to the world.

What is The Thing for which He designed you for?

Many of us don’t know. I’m just now beginning to see mine (even though it’s been “there” all along!). But often when I express my gift, people take notice. They comment how much it touches them and blesses them.

This is when you know you’re stumbling upon your gift…

It comes easily to you.
You have grace & favor in it.
It blesses others.
It makes an impact on people’s lives.
It points them to Him.

Our gifts are as simple as that!

So what do you do that blesses the people around you, that many people take notice about you, that makes you stand out from others (in a good way)? What do you do that points others to the Lord?

Maybe you should do more of that thing. Maybe you can whittle down your focus to ensure that every day, you’re using your gift. Maybe you can structure your life around expressing this gift of yours, giving it priority in your day-to-day. {And get excited because there are many ways to use your gifts!}

For instance, I know a few people in my life who EXCEL at hospitality. It comes naturally to them, and they make people feel so loved and taken care of whenever they open their homes and nourish people’s bodies (& souls). These wonderful people tend to have a “revolving door” on their home, with a constant flow of people in & out, because everyone around them recognizes their gift!

With the gift of hospitality, though, they aren’t limited to one or two means of expressing it. They can be hospitable at home, then serve on the church’s Welcome / Events team, lead small groups that make people feel warm & welcome, and even have a career as an Events Coordinator {or in Customer Care & many other roles} because they know how to add a special touch to draw people in wherever they go.

Some people are natural-born leaders. Wherever they are, they tend to have a trail of people emulating them. They don’t try to lead — people recognize they have a special grace & favor to do so — & they fall in line behind them. These people also tend to lead well.

Others are incredibly creative. They have a way with design and a keen eye (or ear) for beauty, and they just make the world a better place through their craft. It may be photography, wood working, interior design, cooking, or creating music — but the gift is evident & people’s lives are better for it.

I am a writer. I write in my free time, for my job creating content for companies’ websites, press releases, collateral, & the like. Friends often ask for help with papers, important emails, or books they’ve written. And personally, I express my love & appreciation for people through cards, texts & little messages. People tell me to continue writing because it blesses them in some way. {How encouraging!} 🙂

What do you enjoy doing that is remarkable & impactful? Nurture your gift. Give it space in your schedule. God gave you this gift (or gifts) because He wants to see you using it! You’ll know when you’ve stumbled upon it because it will feel like your soul is on fire, and you’ll be able to look back upon your life & see God lighting the way towards this path in your life, beckoning you to step into it one day.

If you don’t know what you’re gifted at, ask Your Creator to reveal it to you. He wants nothing more than to see you & I blessing others the way He designed us to, being His body in action… especially if we give Him the credit & use our giftedness to point people to Him.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

— Ephesians 2:10

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