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My 2017 Word + Goals

My word for this new year is this: SAVOR ♥

What does “savor” mean to me?

To pause & enjoy each moment, reflect on my life, breathe deeply & live intentionally — spending time with the people I love, instead of rushing onto the next thing.

To give myself time to enjoy each day — including going outside & living, exercising, spending QT with the people God’s placed in my life, cooking & sitting down at the table to eat real meals!, investing in my hubby & daughter & even our puppy, loving on myself & giving myself permission to relax sometimes. 

And to take time with Him, the Lord of my life. When I don’t do that, it’s so sadly apparent.

In 2016, I haven’t been savoring life — I’ve been surviving. I want to enjoy this life, and I want (NEED) to live mine to the fullest. It isn’t easy; that’s the truth! But God can help me focus on what & who’s in front of me today.

I want to make quicker decisions, too, instead of hemming & hawing over little details… This will free up SO MUCH TIME in my schedule!! And I need it! I want “to do’s” crossed off my list for good. I’m over trying to find the “perfect” everything — I want things to be more simple, including my inbox & my decision-making. Help me Lord ♥

And now, without further adieu… my list of goals for 2017!


Spiritual Goal

Daily devo + coffee time @ 7:30 a.m.♥♥


Physical Goal

Exercise daily!


Family Goal

Create family yearbooks ♥
Savor every moment 🙂


Friend Goal

Weekly girl time!


Creative Goal

Write a devo.
Launch Luminous {maybe merge w/ YATOIW?}.


Personal Goal

Be timely.


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