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When God “Orders Your Steps”

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Credit: Creative Commons, Erix!

Letter #37: 07/27/09

What a great question:  Which way should I go??  Any time you are perplexed; any time you are worried; any time you are trying to figure out the next step of your life’s journey, I want to encourage you to Go Ask God. Then listen for the answer.  Then write it down.

God is many things to us, but He is also the concerned parent.  We need merely to engage Him by faith with our plans & goals & dreams, and He will work with us to see them through. (Prov. 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed).
Bible says He will even cause our thoughts and will to begin to line up with His. (Prov. 16:3 in Amplified version.)

Many Christians & Non-believers are missing this in their lives.  They don’t have the ability to see Him as a father/resource to ask advice and help from. This is why the bible addresses the “orphan spirit”.  I like to also call it a “hobo spirit”.  There is a wandering, directionless, purposeless, reactive approach that many have today.  Like a tumble-weed, they just go wherever the wind is blowing.  Then the years seem to blow right by, and they wonder in regret, as they are old and grey, if only they could do it over again.

It is possible that each new day brings a fresh new word of help from God, to you, in Real time, for the exact situations and needs you are facing. This comes by faith through the Spirit.  You have a choice – you can either open the letter for today or “return to sender” and miss it.  We miss this new letter each day that we fail to engage Him in this dialogue with the Holy Spirit. Don’t go it alone. Go Ask God. Go ask Him which way you should go, and He is more than eager to guide you down the most adventurous and blessed path.  New strategies, brilliant ideas, exciting new approaches, new witty inventions, confidence, validation, comfort, encouragement, power & promotion are all to be found in this unique dialogue with the Holy Spirit.  It concerns your future. Don’t neglect so great a resource & help.

How does this work?  Most effectively, I believe it comes through that quiet set-aside time in the Dialogue with the Holy Spirit.  Bible study is part of it; prayer time is part of it, but as we engage Him in real time, through worship, we will begin to hear him more and more distinctly & easily.  You will learn to distinguish His voice from your own thoughts. You will grow more familiar with how He speaks to you.  It will become easier…just keep practicing. Then keep a journal of what He says to you so you can go back and meditate.  God did not stop talking after the bible was written.  He is still talking!  Do you hear the sound frequency of the Spirit?  Listen… You will.

I love how Psalms 32:8 says: “I will instruct you in the way you should go. I will counsel you and watch over you.”  Therefore there is no reason why Christians should be harassed by continuous stress & worry.  We have a Daddy who is no less interested in speaking success into our lives than we do our own children.  Have you considered that?

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